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5 year old XD2 06

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I have 49K on my Tidalwave GLS 06.

Should I get

1. My timing belt changed?
2. A power steering flush?
3. The fuel filter changed?
4. New Spark Plugs? I have Iridium Coated 2.0L SULEV (the maintenance log says to inspect after five years or 60K and replace if needed)

Thank you very much,
Tidalwave GLS 4life
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The plugs on the 2.7L V6 are good for 100k miles so i chose to leave them.
Really? I haven't heard that, but I also haven't been looking. The dealer told me the plugs were crap on my 2.7L v6 when it was in for 60K service. I did not have them change them due to the labor cost involved in doing a spark-plug job on the Delta - still need to change them myself.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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