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60k Maintenance dealer quote breakdown

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Hi All,
This is my first post.
Time to send my 2005 Elantra GLS for its 60k service.
Here is the breakdown of my local dealer's quote:

timing belt & drive belts $399.99
fuel injector svc $106.99 [why do I need this? Not mentioned in my Hyundai maintenance log book]
trans svc $84.99
coolant svc $74.99 [does it cost that much to flush the coolant?]
power steering flush $85.99 (if needed)
rotate & balance $39.99 [don't need it, comes with tire purchase]
air filter $13.12 [do it myself]
pcv valve $38.00 [pcv valve is cheap on I feel like doing this myself but am scared of breaking something]
throttle body svc $39.99 [what is this? Again, not mentioned in the maintenance log]
spark plugs & wires $125.00 [looks like a rip-off to me. Will buy spark plugs and try to change them myself]
clean, lube, adjust rear brakes $44.99
(same for front if needed)
a/c system check $41.25

My comments are in [...]
All advice/comments are welcome!
One question:
Is a spark plug cable = spark plug wire?
My Elantra is a 2.0 CVVT
Do I have to change my spark plug wires?
On a set of 4 spark plug wires cost any where from ~$30 to
~$40. Looks pricey to me for a bunch of wires...
Any brand recommendation is very welcome.

I live in the East Stroudsburg area in PA right next to NJ not far from I-80.
Will be very grateful for any recommendation for a good mechanic in the area who can do the job for somewhat less $$$!


This is to follow up my previous post. What are the tools that I need to
replace the spark plugs and the PCV valve?

I am really new this. I should be able to buy them at Sears right?

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Holy f-in balls dude!! that is a lot of stuff they're trying to seel you:

Here is my opinion (and more will follow for sure haha)

timing belt & drive belts $399.99 (can be done, 90k is recommended, but never hurts)
fuel injector svc $106.99 (not neccesary i think)
trans svc $84.99 (about right, good price too)
coolant svc $74.99 (rip-off imo)
power steering flush $85.99 (rip-off imo)
rotate & balance $39.99 9if it comes with the tire purchase, why do they charge you?)
air filter $13.12 (DIY)
pcv valve $38.00 (dont know about this)
throttle body svc $39.99 (cleaning TB i think, and just checking -> DIY imo)
spark plugs & wires $125.00 (always good, never hurts, but easier, and cheaper to DIY)
clean, lube, adjust rear brakes $44.99 (up to you)
a/c system check $41.25 (is ok, cuz if AC breaks your f-ed)
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