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A little teaser of my new project

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Almost done with it, well I'm never almost done with my car actually, but with this small part I'm almost complete.

The photo really washes out the color, the color is DEAD on aluminum

shawn :)
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cool gauge inlay are doing a lot of projects...and thats even cooler...keep the innovations coming....guys like you help make this board what it is.
u got exterior pics?

u got exterior pics? isn't that the one you get on ebay?
lol no thats my girlfriends 90,000 dollar graphic design degree.. Thats paint gentlemen :)

shawn :)
How did you get the color on the vents without getting the color on the ...what are they called...the inner parts of the vent? I tried pulling mine out buy i broke one soooooooo :(
Any idea what i'm talking about? lol
lol I didn't, she did :)

thats why she is the graphic designer and I am the guy who does all the electrical/engine work.

uhm honestly she used some wierd hobby paint that is water based, you can clean it up with lysol, she painted it, then VERY carfefully cleaned it all around where she didn't want to paint, then we clear coat so it doesn't smudge...

any questions, ask and I'll try to help.

shawn :)
i want to know exactly what paint she used and where i can get those. i'm painting my automatic shift gate silver and trying to find the right paint for it.
paint is faskolor by parma international color Faspearl Silver #40050

if you want a brushed aluminum look, use a FOAM brush, if not then use an airbrush.

Clearcoat: Testers Dullcote #1260 Hobby/Model/Craft Laquer

hope that was quick enough

shawn :)
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you are welcome a lot.

New pics will be up tonight if you want to see the final project

shawn :)

new pics are up in the member profile area, I think it came out real well...

a little different than most people do, but thats my goal

shawn :)
I think it came out real nice! I like the idea!
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