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Accord CAI intake question (a valid one, I promise)

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Hey gang,

I installed an Accord CAI in my 03 Elantra GT today... (LOUD, but definitely a noticeable increase in HP in the upper RPM range).

My question is, with the no-name brands (my CAI was from eBay, details below), any idea if the filter needs to be oiled? I'm at a loss... the pleated filter material is behind a mesh screen, so I can't say if it's paper or fabric -- the eBay listing says it's washable/reusable, I assume this means fabric?

It smells lightly of oil, but who knows. I have a K&N oil/cleaner spray kit (my truck also has a CAI), but I don't want to overdo it.

Any feedback is appreciated, I know we can't know for certain...

On another note, if you came to this thread considering this mod, DO IT! I've listed the exact one I bought off eBay below... <$40 shipped, and it comes with blue silicone pieces to match NGK wires, AND it came with a nice rubber "lip" piece to insulate the fender cutout from rubbing against the pipe, an unexpected (and NICE) addition to a super cheap outfit.

I needed to cut off about 3" of the 2nd aluminum tube, I needed to cut the fender opening a little wider, and the silicone boot that attaches to the throttle body is tapered for a Honda, but a little muscle gets it stretched to fit.

TIA for any feedback!

EDIT: seller on eBay is "l3racing" -- they have red and blue kits, <$40 shipped. Example:
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cant provide any info on your question, however... if u decide to purchase a different filter... consider 1 of these....

i have one of these FOAM filters on my car, they're great. just hose it out from the inside when it gets dirty n ur done. no oil needed or anything.
I have an E-Bay CAI, and was wondering the same thing. I contacted the seller and he said that they are reuseable filters that come pre-oiled. So, you do have to re-oil after you've cleaned it. I'm sure any K&N cleaning system will work.

Hope this helps.
the k&n kit will work just dont over oil it when you do it.
or buy the filter i showed u and never worry about oiling it...?
or buy the filter i showed u and never worry about oiling it...?
Or that.
^thats what i liked about my aem dryflow filter no oil run it under the hose dry and good to go. but it started to crack and break apart so now its a specter filter for now till i find some thing new was looking at a few brands aem,injen,k&n, and so on.
Thanks for all the great feedback! I received a response from the seller, stating that the filter is a "dry filter" that can just be washed and reused, but does not need to be oiled. Any insight on oiled vs. oil-less filters in terms of performance?
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