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I just changed over my OEM clutch after 170,000 km.

I fitted an Exedy Heady Duty Clutch (Exedy HYK-6986HD) with a Valeo Chromoly light weight flywheel, as sold through as part number FHD001C. Valeo are a Korean OEM manufacturer who supply most of Hyundai's clutches, so I have no worry about the quallity of the flywheel.

The OEM flywheel weights in at 7.2kg (15.8lb) and the Valeo is 4.3kg (9.5lb), so a nice saving of 40% in flywheel weight. As the main area where the weight is saved on the Valeo flywheel is around the outside 'skirt', the difference in rotational inertia should be pretty good.

Other than having to get the 3 dowels removed from the OEM flywheel and installed in the Valeo flywheel (cost of $15 and 10 minutes of time at the local brake/clutch specialist who had the proper dowel pulling tool), it was a pretty straight forward install. Took me around 7 hours to complete, with only some help from the father in-law to help get the gearbox back onto the engine, it went according to plan.

I have only taken it for a quick drive around the block to make sure everything works fine before packing up all my tools, having dinner and settling in for a quiet night. First impressions are good, with the clutch pedal being no heavier than with the OEM clutch (just as Exedy said). The clutch has more initial bite than the OEM clutch, and the starts were a bit jittery as I have got to drive it a little bit more to get used to the feel and take-up of the heavy duty clutch and lighter flywheel. I will update the post in a few days time when I have driven it some more including peak hour to and from work, and towing the go kart and trailer (around 350kg all up) to the track on the weekend

1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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