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I believe I was using a EXEDY OE kit, which didn't last long, maybe 15k due to my being a teenager who just got his first car in highschool and lack of manual driving skill. Now that I am almost 20, and have learned much much more I'm ready to spend more, would rather less that 300, but can go up to 400. Ebay would be best.

So many choices.. Clutch is almost dead, slips almost any time I push decently hard. Lookin to upgrade, but not sure to get a 6/5/4 puck or a normal HD one. Runnin N/A with only bolt on mods. I def wanna get a lightened flywheel. I do drive rather rough, and do some hard launches from time to time. Mostly back road 2nd/3rd gear corners though. (<3 H&R/KYB Set up)
1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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