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XTD stage 2 clutch and XTD flywheel combo

Had that when i was N/A and worked well till i went Turbo, the clutch had about 50k miles at the time and shortly after it started to slip.
For N/A it worked well, but could not notice much of a difference between the stock and the XTD except for the lighter flywheel. Pedal pressure is about the same as the stock.


ACT street Clutch and F1 flywheel combo.

A more expensive clutch than the XTD but was well worth the money, The ACT is a superb clutch, it has been working very well with forced induction for almost 20,000 miles now and has never slipped.
The ACT has a bit more pressure on the pedal but not too heavy, it is great for daily driving and I would recomend this to anyone going with a mild Forced induction setup or N/A setup.
1 - 2 of 49 Posts
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