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Well, I ordered my GT leather door panels last week and they arrived yesterday in one week, like they told me. So that was good. When they got here they were wrapped in lots and lots and lots of bubble wrap. So that was good too. Three of them are in great condition and I put them in the car, no problem. The fronts even came with the tweeter speakers in them so I hooked them up to the preexisting wiring and now I have the six speaker set up. More good stuff. The fourth one had some damage:

So I called them this morning and he (Chris) wanted me to send him the pics so he could understand exactly what I was talking about. So I sent him the pics and called him back, he opened up the pics while on the phone with me and was like "What the hell? That's no good, I don't know how it happened but I'll send you out a replacement today." That's it, no charges, no nothing, perfect service. And he even told me to keep the busted one or throw it away.

PERFECT SERVICE. I couldn't have asked for more. Highly reccomended.

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