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amp wiring help?

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hi. i have a 2002 elantra gls i am trying to install subs but when i went to run the power i couldnt find a spot in firewall i was wondering if anyone could tell me or show me pics of what the did to run their power wire thanks
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i believe you can see the amp wire in this pic, if not i will take a couple tomorrow


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i drilled a new hole just for the wire. if you do so, make sure to get a grommet for it, but there are a few placed to get through
theres also this in the DIY section
thanks can u show me where u drilled the hole
ill try and get a pic when i leave work
okay look right buy the silver catch can its a spot for cars that have stick but if you are an auto its a great spot to drill and run wire.
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good follow up songee, i totally forgot to snap a pic. and i may not get to it today either. parked in a dark garage and its about to storm here
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heres where i went through
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Is drilling the best way to do this? I tried following the DIY on putting stuff through the firewall but the box didn't have bolts and it seems like it'd be a ***** to remove. Is there any easy way to remove that box?
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