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Arunsenior04's Fresh Ride

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My 2001 Elantra GLS.
December 2006 Car of the Month
TOTALED May 12, 2008

Painted Interior Pieces
Velvet Door Panels
Reverse Glow Gauges
Tiburon Multi Gauage w/ Bros Glow Overlays
Ticket Holder

Pioneer 3700 MP3/WMA Player w/ Remote
Infinity Reference 6.5" Component Speakers (REF-6010CS)
Infinity Reference 6"x9" Three-Way Speakers (REF-9613I)

35% Tint
8000K HID's
Painted Headlights
Clear Side Markers
OEM High Spoiler
Custom White Angel Eyes (Video)

Shark Racing Front Strut Bar
Tiburon GT 19.2mm Rear Sway Bar
15" OZ Rally Wheels

J2 valve Cover
Stage 2 Intake Manifold
Intake Phenolic Spacer
3" Cold Air Intake
Painted Engine Pieces
Custom 8GA Ground Wire Kit
OBX Underdrive Pulley
Fidanza Cam Gear
NGK V-Power Spark Plugs
NGK Spark Plug Wires

Hotshot Headers
Stock 2nd Cat and Resonator
2.25" Crushed Bent Cat-back Exhaust
2.25" In/Out Borla XS ( Video#1 (newer), Video #2)
Magnaflow Tip

Coming Soon:
Lowering Springs
Tib Struts
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yeah looks like a cart ram. good looking car though.. i like the sedans much more than the hatchbacks
whats with the 5 lug hub caps? lol
Yea, I laughed at that too.
ya thats some weird lookin wheels u got there lol
I have some good GLS stock caps if you want. Come to the Pittsburgh meet and they are yours for $15.

ArunSenior04 said:
An Automatic (autotragic for some)
40K Miles

It came out to $5500 minus processing and tags. Is that good?

In 2003 I bought a silver 01 Auto GLS for $6400 minus tax&tags and it had 39k miles.
evan938 said:
whats with the 5 lug hub caps? lol
Hey I think that is cool :) Different & unique is always cool...
Nice color you got there. I must say though that those are the ugliest looking stock hub caps I have ever seen...

Definitely pay SuperGLS the $15 for his set, they will look much better imo. That should hold you over till you get rims!
Are wheel caps as easy as popping one off and putting another one on?

I doubt I'll be going to the Pittsburg meet. I gotta see were my funds are at.
The caps (at least most) are held on by the lugs still. You'll have to remove the lugs, swap caps, and put lugs back on.
aLoNe I bReAk said:
The caps (at least most) are held on by the lugs still. You'll have to remove the lugs, swap caps, and put lugs back on.
Those caps aren't held by the lugs... they'll pop right off.
Does anyone have an idea of how much it was cost to get that cart-rammed dent fixed?
its probably not worth fixing that dent. i have a cart-ram looking dent on my car too (i can take a pic of it if you'd like to see it).. surprisingly in the same area but on the other side of the car. i got an estimate done, and they wanted about $200 for it. really not worth it
Pewter 01's OWN!!!! Nice car bro, get those caps from Super you will be happier with them if only because they won't come flying off on the Beltway.
With the "cart-ram", it appears from the pic that the paint isn't broken. If that's the case, you can get the easy dent pulling done with no spray costs, won't be more than $80US for sure.

Silver + Sedan + Elantra, ALWAYS = :thumbsup: from me... :)
Shame 'bout the 'tragic though....hehe. JFWY, Please don't take offences. :bowdown:
Nice Car bud, good start on a system with a pioneer Head unit :)
Thanks alot for the comments. When I bought my car it came w/ a cassette. theres no way I can live w/o my cds so I had to upgrade.

Getting 140 MP3s on a cd is beautiful.
pics updated
word. nice car. tint it.
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