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Automatic transmission, limiting to 3rd gear, drive like a manual

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Hi, since I used to drive manual transmission, I don't know too much about automatics. Automatic transmission are really convenient, but one thing I don't like about automatic is that it hunts for gear (3 & 4) lots of times. On a down hill with speed limit about 35, it feel like the gear often goes up to 4th gear.

Is limiting the gear on 3rd while driving in the city bad for my transmission? Or how about using 1-2-3 like a manual shifting on every stop lights / stop signs? I don't want to do any gear lowering though, like an engine break. I know it's bad for the transmission, so 3-2-1 is not something I'm going to do.
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1-2-3 is not the best idea, especially if you "shift" with the engine under load without backing off the throttle. Keeping it from hunting between 3-4 is a good thing for the clutches and little breaky bits inside the gearbox, so go ahead and turn OD off around town if you like.

...this is one more reason I am glad to have converted to a manual... 30MPH + = 5th gear, because I said so.
... go ahead and turn OD off around town if you like.
My elantra 2007 (hd) doesn't have a OD button. So does this mean just use gear 3 in town?
Does 'overdrive' mean 4th gear where the gear ratio to engine is smaller than 1:1? Little confused, because I saw on some cars, they actually have a OD button, and when turned off, it goes up to a higher rpm before next shift on every gear.
OD is just any gear that is higher than 1:1. In most 4-speed automatics, that's 4th gear. Some car makers give you a button to turn OD off. All that does it prevent the trans fron shifting into 4th gear. Basically giving you a 3-speed instead.

So, back to your original question; yes, just put the shifter in 3rd geal and leave it there. It will shift from 1st to 2nd to 3rd but not into 4th.
It is actually BETTER on the transmission to drive in 3rd gear below 45-50 mph.
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