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Best Brand of Rims for a Cheap Price

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I really really really want to get rims for my XD but i do not want to drop a fortune on them. I dont need anything super extravagant just some nice alloy wheels. Nothing chrome or anything. I'm more worried about price than I am brand. Any suggestions of stores i could go to with some relatively cheap rims and such? What type of style should i get on my XD?
And i hate to ask it, but what does anyone feel about the wheel covers you can buy from autozone for like 40$???
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for the best knockoffs try some rotas, they are very cheap in price and look great.
average price for a set of 17's is $650 shipped.
This place has wheels that look like the Advans found on many KDM elantras. I'll be getting a set for the accent in the near future.
You could also try Pep Boys. They have rims starting at around $64 per for the 15". Mine have held up fine (minus some salt damage).

EDIT: Nevermind, you're in Grandville. The only Pepboys in the area closed this spring :(
I wish these places had a Virtual picture of the car with them on like the Tirerack site does. I don't want to just order some rims to only not like the way they look on my car.
Remember you get what you pay for. Pay $40 for a wheel and you get a $40 hunk o junk.
Hahahaha i have a LOW 40$ sounds good to me! =]
Hubcaps suck. If you're really cheap (broke), you could paint your steelies and add some chrome rings. IMO black, gunmetal, silver, and maybe even red (depending on car color) painted steelies with beauty rings don't look bad at all as long as you keep them clean and tire shine the rubber. Just a thought.
James ahsn't been here yet? He has rims 4 sale
"cheap" and "best" can never have a good outcome
Hahah yeah I guess you got a point. Well whats your guys opinion on simply painting the stock rims a different color? I really need something more than tire shine to make my wheels look better. My stock rims are in bad condition. Maybe paint them an alloy color?
Opinions please...
instead of paint you can get them powdercoated and they'd look nice, i suggest black or gunmetal myself

don't get wrinkle though and stay away from glitter

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What is "powdercoated" and where can i get this done at?
whoa, those pics are huge, sorry about that. powdercoating is kinda hard to explain but its basically just electrostatically applied powder that is cured onto your part with really hot ovens. its really durable and you should have no problem finding a place to do it. it'll probably be like $60 per wheel but will be really durable.
yep. when i had my 15's done it was 50$/wheel, i think nick got his 17s at the same guy for like 60-70 each. that didnt include prep. they have to be stripped down to bare aluminum first. i had to pay a guy 60$ to sandblast the set, and then 50$ to the powdercoater to get the parts the first guy missed.
I'm guessing he has stock steel wheels guys, not really a good use of money to powdercoat those.

What you need to do is save money and then buy something you like, is of at least "good" quality and be happy about it. If you spend money on junk now you'll only be sad later when you have to replace them as it will have been a waste of money.

Yeah your right SuperGLS i do. I guess you are right...but is there ANYTHING i can do to the stock wheels to make them look better (besides tire shine) because mine are pretty chipped.
check out edge racing, they have rims for like 90 a piece and they're good quality too. excellent customer service, there was a small chip ( barely visible) in my rim and they compensated me 20 dollars with the option to get a completely new rim but i just kept the 20. I picked up a pair of enkei es-6's with tires mounted for only like 780 with shipping.
Yeah your right SuperGLS i do. I guess you are right...but is there ANYTHING i can do to the stock wheels to make them look better (besides tire shine) because mine are pretty chipped.
Dude I didn't suggest just tire shine alone. Read my post again. I suggested painting your stock rims and adding chrome rings. You may not like it but.....If you want something super cheap, there you have it.
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