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Best Brand of Rims for a Cheap Price

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I really really really want to get rims for my XD but i do not want to drop a fortune on them. I dont need anything super extravagant just some nice alloy wheels. Nothing chrome or anything. I'm more worried about price than I am brand. Any suggestions of stores i could go to with some relatively cheap rims and such? What type of style should i get on my XD?
And i hate to ask it, but what does anyone feel about the wheel covers you can buy from autozone for like 40$???
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Hubcaps suck. If you're really cheap (broke), you could paint your steelies and add some chrome rings. IMO black, gunmetal, silver, and maybe even red (depending on car color) painted steelies with beauty rings don't look bad at all as long as you keep them clean and tire shine the rubber. Just a thought.
Yeah your right SuperGLS i do. I guess you are right...but is there ANYTHING i can do to the stock wheels to make them look better (besides tire shine) because mine are pretty chipped.
Dude I didn't suggest just tire shine alone. Read my post again. I suggested painting your stock rims and adding chrome rings. You may not like it but.....If you want something super cheap, there you have it.
Oh ok gotcha.

Well other than what I said, I personally don't know any other options.

I have been facing the same thing lately. I have had 17's with 205/40's for around four years and my tires are shot. I don't have the money right now to get new tires but my stock tires are pretty good. So I figure I paint my steelies and add chrome rings to make the best of what I have. I know it doesn't look awesome, but who cares? I can do this for less than $100. It will last until I can save the money to buy something better. Just a suggestion.
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