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anyone around the kentucky area gonna be near the new race course they just opened up this year? its called bluegrass motorsports

we are gonna be there on may 30 and 31 (sat and sun). we have a group of 20 bikes gonna be tearing up the new track, this is just in our group. i figured i would post this up for you guys in the area that might wanna stop by and check it out. stop by and watch some bikes tear it up and see how we get down at the track.

sorry guys, this weekend is for bikes only, no cages allowed on the course. \

also, any of you riders out there thinking of getting on the track. this is a sweet track to do so.

they have a novice group, that will teach you alot. you will leave there knowing what you and your bike are capable of doing.

minimal requirements are for novice group:
*engine ice or water/water wetter: no glycol coolant allowed
*2pc leather or textile suit. suit must zip together 360*
1pc leather race suit
*dot/snell helmet
*gauntlet gloves (gloves that go past your wrist)
*boots that cover your ankles: work boots are ok. but used at riders discretion. race boots preferred
*a bike capable of speed and in good working order (NO LEAKS!!!!!!!!) and must pass tech instepction
*all lenses must be taped over (headlights, tail lights, turn signals, plate lights) fuses pulled if able to, but not mandatory
*wheel weights must be taped over

painters tape will be your friend :D

if you've never done a trackday, please only sign up for novice. intermediate and advanced groups are not fun for the inexperienced.
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