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Do It Yourself Instructions

1. Take out all nine screws (Front door) or 4 screws (Back doors) including the one behind the handle trim (and take the handle trim out as well)
2. Pop the clips-Just start on one side with a spatula (or anything else that will work) and you'll feel them pop out, I wouldn't worry about being too rough, they seemed pretty tough
3. Pick the door up and out
4. While you have the door panel in your hand disconnet the two power wires that go to the door (Windows, Speaker, Mirrors)
5. Take out gold screw from the door handle assembly
6. Loosen the two black (or white) "cords" that go into the assembly
7. Pull the assembly out (you have to slide it to one side first, then pull out)
8. Take the cords out of the blue and pink holders (you have to unclip them then pull up or down to get the "L" shaped piece out)

Installation is the reverse

Be careful not to try and use the front door handles on the back and vice versa, as the front ones won't fit in the back door spot. I tried this for 10 minutes until I realized I had messed up, then felt stupid. Hope that helps everyone here. Keep in mind this is for a GLS with power everything, and if you have manual stuff like Carbonman it might be different. It also might be different with GT's that have the tweeters in the front door (there might be another wire to disconnect)

Good luck everyone... (I'll probably be taking pics of some of the things when I take my door panels off next time).

EDIT- Here are some pics that could help people a little bit so they know what they are getting in to.

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