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Wanted to do a quick shout out for the areas members. I used to have an elantra but parted ways June of 06.

Anyone in the area have major mods done? :bowdown:

I am trying to plan a possible cruise in this Friday. I know it is supposed to rain but if it doesn't..... Location: I was thinking Milford, OH past Eastgate on 275

I have a thread out on the SRT Forums as well and a corvette forum to see who is interested.

I miss my elantra so everyone with mods please post pics.

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Hey guys, I'm resurrecting this thread! I moved to Northern KY about a year and a half ago and since have purchased a Touring SE 5spd. I've spent the winter so far customizing it, but now I need some fellow Elantra people to hang out with. Let me know if anybody is a part of a local club that meets up here, I'd be very interested. Thanks!
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