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Circle City Mini-Meet - 10/27/07

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When: OCTOBER 27TH, 2007 (One Day)

Where: Andy's house (East side of Indianapolis)

Munky: Is paying for the food/booze :cool:

Since getting out of state is such a pain for me nowadays, I wanted to have one more get together before winter hit, and Andy was nice enough to host it again.

This is a resurrection of April's Circle City meet. There you can see the size of the driveway/porch...perfect for this occasion.

So far, the roster is:


Andy (soullesselantra)
Todd (Double Dizzle)
Kyle (mac11)


Travis (greywolf6984) [UNDETERMINED]

I don't know quite yet, but Todd may bring his headers so we have something to do. Either way, cookout and drinks!

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Good luck with the meet kids. Next summer we need to get another Ohio meet so us normal Pittsburgh Meet guys can be friends with you guys in IN and IL.
That would be super sweet.

Columbus would be the middlepoint between Indianapolis and Pittsburgh. 3 hours away each side.

I'm gonna be busy this meet :D

With help from Andy and whoever else wants to help I'm going to:

- Install my springtechs

- Install new rotors and pads

- Repaint interior gloss black (weather permitting)

8 days. Here's the list of who's coming so far:

Munky + My brother + My friend Ryan
Double Dizzle (NT/CrookedH) + 2 people I don't know
Tib JR (NT)
TuscaniDon (CrookedH)
Iaidoka (NT)

So far, the agenda includes:

My car:
Installing springtechs
Installing new rotors
Hopefully painting interior

Header install on Double Dizzle's V6 GT

Food and booze, no charge to you.
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Thanks, but we're using Andy's air tools in his driveway.

That would have been cool to have you, though. :(
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