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About 2 weeks ago as I was driving home I noticed a clicking noise coming from outside the car. When I got home I found that the noise is most prominent from something under the valve cover. I have yet to pull it off to look but I was wondering what your input can be on this issue before I start digging into the engine.

- The click cant be heard at idle (Only when in gear and moving)
- Usually starts to be noticeable at around 1500 RPM
- Sometimes you can hear it really bad as I release the throttle and its going back to idle where you cant hear it anymore.
- Ticks seem to go with the rpm.
- You can hear it all the time when in 4th or 5th gear going 40MPH+

Ive been using this for reference:

Thinking it could be the the chain between the two shafts.

Thanks in advance

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Check your valves, and lifters...If I remember correctly my lifter got stuck and crushed in my old engine, Caused the same sound.

Hopefully it's something minor, For your sake. If not, I can get you an engine for $100

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