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Well, I posted this on the old site, but I thought I'd carry it over here because I just got two pics of the event, though no action shots.

This was my first event and I'm addicted now. It was cold, around 5 degrees Celsius, and started raining hard halfway in. I removed the spare tire and jack and the trunk cover, and the floor mats. I inflated the fronts to 42psi and the rears I left at 32psi. Everything else is basically stock except for the intake resonator being disconnected, which was my downfall. I was moved out of Sock class into Super Stock, which meant 7th place instead of 2nd. Oh well it was damn fun.

Here's the link to the results table
Cobweb Results Table
Note the class error, I'm not in FS, but FSS, which would change my paxed time to 59.560, still 7th place though. I actually took two seconds off my fastest official time in the fun runs afterwards, an old Legacy and me were the only two cars to keep posting faster lap times in the pouring rain.

Here are two pics I was sent of my car at the event. In the wide shot, where I am just off the right side, the Orange Mazdaspeed (class DSS) was the overall winner with his coilover sleeves and 225 wide Kumho Victoracers on lightweight 15s.

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