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DTC P0442, P0455 or P0456 are all diagnostic codes indicating a leak has been detected in the EVAP system.

O.K. HERE, is the symptoms of my 2003 Elantra GLS. In morning or when engine is cold, it takes about 3 cranks
before the engine will turn over. If it sits for more than an hour, it does the same thing. In other words, withing 30 min
it will fire up on first crank. 4 yrs ago I replaced the Fuel Filter myself. Could a bad Fuel regulator and fuel pump cause
the codes to appear? The car does not have any symptoms of wanting to die, when you come to slow stop. Before I replaced,
the Fuel Filter, it would almost die when I would come to a stop sign or light. So, I do not think it could be a bad Fuel Filter.
Anyone have this problem, and what was your fix? Thanks!
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