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Hi guys,

I have an 03 Elantra GLS @164000 and I'm currently repairing the vehicle which I bought a month ago.

The previous owner lost one of the bolts that hold the alternator in place and while driving the belt broke and the car overheated. As soon as I noticed the white smoke, I pulled over and left the car there. I replaced the alternator belt the next day. The joints on the plastic part of the radiator were bubbling so I replaced the radiator and coolant as well. Before all this I lost power steering and replaced the pump and fluid. Now I noticed the fans are not turning on and causing the engine to overheat.. I gave the fans electricity manually and the fan motors are working. At this point I'm wondering if the problems are with the fuses or relays or the coolant sensor? I want to know which ones operate the fans and I am wondering if this will fix my ongoing no heat,ac problem as well. The dashboard operates but the a/c button does not turn on.

Your help and advice is much appreciated.
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