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Congrats to February COTM - sed

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Congrats to sed and his red Elantra for being nominated COTM for February. It was a good 4 person battle this month.

Two months. Zero silver cars. 2009 is the year of color it seems.

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Silver will make a come back, its just trying to trick you for a couple months. LOL
first time I won anything, I entered so it wouldn't be just a one car thing and it wound up being a red vs red florida showdown.

thanks :)
congrats on the win
i have to do some work before my car cotm ready
congrats man, nice car.
You got my vote. Congrats.
Two months, two FL cars. Now Plagued just needs to run next month.

Congrats Sed it was a tough choice between ya two.
you only got my vote cuz plagued won't let me bang his chick. ****er
Congrats on the win !
Two months. Zero silver cars.
Erroneous! I demand a recount!
Kewl, that's kind of un-mod like of you? Think maybe you should take that to another thread?
Like I said, it didnt justify a new thread. But, if you guys think it does, I'll move it to a brand new one.

Congratulations dude!
you only got my vote cuz plagued won't let me bang his chick. ****er
LOL never gonna happen! i run every month and its always like a 2 vote count that beats me :/
you know I could sway the vote, lets make a deal
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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