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Congrats to March COTM - plagued89

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Congrats to March COTM plagued89. He has been tirelessly running over and over again and his hard work has paid off (even if the inside of his car is dirty, almost as dirty as mine).

Let's all do an E-walk in his honor!

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lol @ admin note, thanks for correctly all the horrible punctuation and capitalization to make it look neat and professional lol.

You prefer the 3rd gen Jetta??? really?
Usually, that's the most hated one...
yeah as appauling as the motor stories i hear, i will always want a 4 door vr6 jetta, slammed on 15s, scraping on reflecters, i love the boxy look

Congrats!.... But your next car wont be a Hyundai.. or Hi-un-day??
consider i cant afford a genesis for a long time, why not spend 3 grand to have a quick car, like a miata or another boosted moosetang.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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