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I thought it would be prudent to make a sticky topic regarding these so called ebay easy $10-$150 (yes have seen them that high) 20 HP sensor mods.

There have been numerous topics created regarding these IAT sensors, intake chips, resistor upgrades etc. etc. or what ever the next phrase of the day will be.

What does it do??
the resistor modify's the voltage (duh thats what a resistor does ) coming from the Intake air temp sensor. This voltage control makes your ECU think its getting more air than it really is. This causes your ecu to add more fuel to your already overfueled engine. Not good

Bottom line they are just $1 resistors that you splice into a sensor on your manifold.
1 they are CRAP
2 they won't give you ANY noticable gains in power or fuel savings (I think one of them said this on ebay)
3 crap
4 for what they are, regardless of its usefullness, the majority of them are overpriced. like I said, they are $1 resistors. Some come in a little black box they advertise "we're better than those other IAT guys cause ours are adjustable" well guess what that adjustment is..... its a POTENTIOMETER (an adjustable resistor) still crap but only a couple bucks more at RS
5 crap

If you feel any of the above is wrong please provide proof to the contrary. or if I got something wrong let me know and as always your thoughts comments and suggestions are welcomed

By carbonman!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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