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Cricket - Anyone care about it?

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Does anyone care about cricket here?

Lately I've been really into the sport of cricket. In fact, I knew absolutely nothing about it and picked up the "Cricket for Dummies" book at work one day. I read a little here and there while on breaks and finished a couple months ago. It's a pretty interesting game. Later I had to do a project for class and decided to use cricket as my topic (got a 100 on it too!). So I started watching matches and highlights on the internet and have gone back to the book for more clarification.

A couple years ago they came up with a new limited overs (don't worry about it because I know nobody knows what I'm talking about) form of cricket called Twenty20 in which the matches only take 3-5 hours instead of 3-5 days like Test cricket. It's better for regular fans who can take a couple hours to watch a match, but not a couple days off work to watch a match. Anyhow, it's pretty good.

Now I want to go to England or India or Australia so I can catch a match or two before I die. Interesting that in each of those places Hyundais are gaining popularity as well.

I figure this is a long shot, but any other cricket fans here?

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Some Pakistani guys taught me and my friends cricket at a tennis court once. It was a pretty fun game. A little slow at times, but still fun.
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