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This is a DIY soda can glare shield for XD
Hasn't been tested with HIDs yet
It installs nice and the price is great

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1 - Use your razor to cut off the top and bottom of the can so your left with the center of the can.
2 - Cut the center of the can down on side to make a tin sheet.
3 - Cut the measurements I laid out for you or make your own. For clean cuts score it don't try to cut.
4 - Finish and clean up edges and make adjustments with your dremel and a sanding bit.
5 - Test it out!

Please post you views on this and post your design if you alter it.
This was just a quick DIY I herd about and figured I would try making a pair but I don't have HIDs to test it out.
But I do have a head light in parts right now and spare OEM shields.
Hope it helps someone.

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and if you make the bolt hole slotted, you can adjust the shields up and down for more or less lower reflective light. These are designed to slide in on top of your existing shield. You don't want to remove those, as the cone on the tip of the stock one is also needed. Provided they slide into place, these will work just fine and help quite a bit.
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