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Well I have decided to stop selling swaybars. The reason is the same as the cargo trays. It is just a PITA to package them in a box that is not considered oversize. I only make a whopping $23 off each bar we sell so there is really no benefit for us to sell them when you factor in the work required to package, ship, and bill them. Plus I have to clutter up my department with boxes waiting for peolpe to call and buy them.

By now just about everyone who was going to puchase them already has.

For those who still need one I will list the part numbers you need your local dealer to order for you.

55511-2C000 sway bar 1 needed
55513-2C110 bushings 2 needed
13270-10001 nuts 4 needed
55530-29500 endlinks 2 needed

I have heard that TRW makes the endlinks as well so you may be able to get a better price on the endlinks from a local autoparts store.

One more way to get the swaybar is from a 2003-2004 Tiburon owner on Just make sure they are selling you the 19.2mm bar since some 2003-2004 Tibs cam with a smaller diameter bar as well.
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