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I'm going drag racing on Friday, June 18, 2004. Anyone interested in going? I was there last fall with the Accent, the 17 second monster that it was, just on the edge of breaking into the 16's even!
I'd be leaving work in Whitby after 5pm and drive over, it takes awhile through weekend traffic, but they start at 6pm, run test and tune until 8pm and the street racing until 11pm. I was able to make 7 runs last time.
I bought a good compressor from CT, so this time I can re-inflate my front tires properly afterwards.
Here's the details from their website Shannonville Test and Tune Friday night

UPDATE June 18, 2004:
I'm getting restless, 1hour and 20 minutes to work's end. Ready to race. I remembered my camera, hopefully I get some pics. This is a big race too. My friends and I have been good naturedly trash-talking for a long time now and tonight we see who is actually faster. One guy has a 1995 Turbo AWD Talon, he'll be the fastest among us, unless his dad shows up with his 2000 Vette, then there's my Elantra vs a 1992 Integra RS 140hp B18 (17" Enkeis, no intake resonator) and a 2003 Protege 130hp 2.0L (Ractive SRI). I know I'm quicker than the Protege, but it's the Integra I'm worried about, we have the main feud going on. I hate losing, I did the clutch mod in the dark last night so as to help the acceleration and the trunk is empty too.

UPDATE June 20, 2004
Kalen's Talon ran a best of 15.5, there's something wrong with the Talon, plus after on our way home, he launched from a street light right near redline and blew the clutch, we got it almost home before it was finished. The Integra was much slower than I thought, the timing light didn't catch his final run, but based on 1/8mile ET and mph he might have gotten down to 16.4. The Prtoege didn't run, he wished he had though. I have pictures and video too! I just have to get them off Kalen. The friend with the Integra was quite angry, he was so sure his Integra would kick my Elantra's ass, he was all talk right up until our last run vs each other, he ran 16.648 and I ran [email protected]
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