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Drilled and slotted rotors/coatings

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Anyone have drilled/slotted brakes? ANyone purchase them from Ebay?
I was wondering if those anti-rust coatings actually work and if taking a regular rotor and then drilling the holes to fit another car, slotting it and drilling the braking surface would weaken the integrity of the piece?
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I know a lot of RD owners had a GB on ROTORWORK rotors I believe, they said they liked them
yeah i think i am going to purchase the black ones, was waiting for this to come back to ebay i missed the first one that i seen.
I like the black rotors too, if you get them post some pictures and give a little review of them
yeah i emailed the guy and he said the black coating will only stay on areas that the pad doesnt come in contact so trying to debate if its worth it cause after the first couple of times u press it, it will look like the regular cadium plated rotor, with just black edges so will see still got a couple of days.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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