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Elantra in TV shows or movies.

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Whether I'm on the road or watching something on the screen, I've always got my eyes peeled for the elantra's.

This is my first spot from The Simple Life, Season 3, Episode 4, 19m01s

Hopefully other people can contribute too, and it can be even extended to all hyundai models, and perhaps it can be a source of fun and amusement to collect these pictures.


I know there has got to be other eagle-eye's out there...


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1 - 20 of 98 Posts good stuff. I haven't seen any though!

i saw that to i thought that was an elantra
I saw a few elantras on some commercial...grr what was it for...oh yeah, Hyundai! :D no but seriously, i'll have to keep an eye out more. i dont think ive ever seen any, yet.
That woulda been nifty if they caught one of our cars (the modded xd's) on one of those reality shows! haha, talk about nationwide recognition! lol
I saw a few elantras on some commercial...grr what was it for...oh yeah, Hyundai!
I saw that commercial too :D

Sounds fun....I will try to keep an eye out. Does anybody check out other Elantras on the road to see if they are hooked up?
i see one just like mine with clear corners every morning at 7:12am you sure count the minutes eh.

I haven't seen any hooked up yet, always some senior citizen :(

same here, i always see a stock gls, never a nice elantra. thats whats great about this site, you realize that theres actually other people out there who like elantras have have tons of mods!!
There is an Elantra that appears in the neighborhood on Desperate Housewives quite often. I think it is silver?
ok, i just saw 2 elantras on Motorweek. They weren't bein tested, but they were talking about cars coming from foreign markets, and i saw 2 04 gt's. one silver, and the other red i believe. now, u only get motorweek if you live in the maryland area. its on MPT, channel 22, with host John Davis.
In the movie "The Bourne Supremecy", the russian dude who is after Jason Bourne drives a silver Sonata when he goes after him at the beginning of the movie.
There are a few by me that are hooked up. Tricked lives right down the road from me. And there's an older elantra that's kitted around here too
everytime i see an elantra on the road, im checkin for obvious mods (debadged, exhasut, clear sidemarkers, high spoiler on a GLS (even tho dealer installs a lot), aftermarket tint, wheels, lowered)...i dont see many...only one i see is jelantra2k2, who im friends w/, so that shouldnt count
Here's one from a newspaper article. Kindof funny too.
There's an Elantra Hatchback in the 12-26-2004 episode of Top Gear.

They make fun of all pacific rim's so funny :)
ive seen a couple in my area but its mostly just keyan and me
JacksonJ said:
Here's one from a newspaper article. Kindof funny too.

look closely at the woman in the picture....she has a lot more to worry about than just the sound of jackhammers. Smoking+Pregnant=F'd up kid!!
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