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Elantra in TV shows or movies.

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Whether I'm on the road or watching something on the screen, I've always got my eyes peeled for the elantra's.

This is my first spot from The Simple Life, Season 3, Episode 4, 19m01s

Hopefully other people can contribute too, and it can be even extended to all hyundai models, and perhaps it can be a source of fun and amusement to collect these pictures.


I know there has got to be other eagle-eye's out there...


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XWRed5W3 said:
No, that's definitely a Daewoo. C'mon man, you can't even recognize your own car? I'm disappointed. :)

Looks more like an accent to me.
How can I get a wheel standing XD2? Check out this Subaru ad. A silver GLS in the middle lane going towards the overpass.


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XWRed5W3 said:
that's definitely a Daewoo.
OPZ said:
Looks more like an accent to me.
Don't think it looks like either of those, but point taken, picture removed.

EXTREMELY well spotted bmcb,
To get a wheel standing vehicle, you need a lot of HP...but by all means go ahead and give it a go. :D
You've got a great eye, and I hope to see more contibutions in the future. :)

Edit: Found by VTElantra
in CSI - Episode 601 - Bodies in Motion - 16m26s
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yea. noticed the ad not that long ago too. it's kinda funny b/c subaru is pointing out that their car is awd while others aren't and that the others run only on two wheels... i think the elantra should be running on its front wheels.. unless of course there's rwd elantra that we had no idea about... :D
A 2006 Elantra with the 2.4 turbo engine, RWD, 6-speed.

Well, one can wish...
I just saw Just Like Heaven today....

There's a scene in the movie when they are in the street and there's a 05 blue GT sedan w/ rims and then the camera does a 180 and there's an XG350!!!!

omfg I screamed out at all my friends hahahhahahahaha
I just thought of one. I dont think its the Elantra specifically, but Hyundai is mentioned in Family Guy. Its in the episode where peter becomes a jouster and faces the black knight, they pass tom tucker a memo saying "To the owner of a yellow Hyundai. Your car is getting towed"
Kanye West mentions Hyundai in Gold Digger
there was an intern girl from canada that came to unique autosports, For the Show unique Wips she was dropped off on a black GLS
lol me and steve rented thrust a while back thinking it was a car movie... we just fast forwarded thro all the sex to see the cars cause it was weird with two guys there and unlike steve i do not need porn to get off lol
in one of the cobalt commercials when the whole neigborhood wants to ride in the cobalt and all the other cars in the neighbors drive ways are silver, if you look close enough theres the rear end of an elantra in one of the driveways, well thats one of the cobalt commercials i get in winnipeg
A few seconds ago I was watching some show on MTV called True Life and it was something about an interracial relationship and the dude in the relationship was driving a J2 Elantra.
On Punked the other night one of the cars used in the punk was an XD. It was the one when Ashton got the guy that plays Hyde on That 70's Show.
Took me a lil searchin to find it lol.... Anyways just got done watching the movie "Crash" ... Very good movie.. if you like it I also recommend "Magnolia". They are the types of movies where a whole bunch of junk happens to a whole shit load of people. And it all comes together and everybodys attached to somebody else someway... Well anyways... theres a silver XD2, 85 minutes into it going down the street. thats all lol.... GO WATCH IT ...
Cypher said:
lol me and steve rented thrust a while back thinking it was a car movie... we just fast forwarded thro all the sex to see the cars cause it was weird with two guys there and unlike steve i do not need porn to get off lol
i made that mistake too, although i did love the part where shes talking about the "ice box" or whatever and says "have you ever felt 300psi running through your engine" or something like just sitting there thinking...'no, and you wont hit 20% of that in your integra'
I don't remember what it was... but in the movie "My Fellow Americans," which was really funny BTW, they end up driving a Hyundai something, but it was old and ugly.
OK it's about time I put another couple of pictures here...can't believe it has been 7 months already!
I've seen plenty of Hyundai's in movies over that time, but they're Korean movies and so commonplace, it seems kind of redundant.

I really love this first picture.
Two Hyundai's in the same frame.
Oh no! The Koreans have surrounded the Japanese! :tongue:
The movie is Just My Luck (2006) and I assure you I'm not used to watching these types of movies, but for light humor and entertainment I did enjoy it.
& Lindsay Lohan is :bowdown:

Silver Hyundai EF-B Sonata

"Prime Beige" Hyundai XD2 Elantra, can't confirm sedan or hatch due to scene change and camera position.


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I saw an episode of Cheaters (possibly an older episode since it had the old host), but the guy that was suspected of cheating was messing around with some white girl driving a J2 Elantra. I personally think this particular show was fake because the girl accusing her man of cheating seemed like a really bad actress who wanted 15 mins of fame.
Thanks for that one GTSTISL, nice work. :)

Here's my latest from Will & Grace, S3E25:

I didn't actually realise they sold the J3 wagons over there! :D


Here's my latest one from Cops S19E04:
Dude in an XD tries to outrun the cops with some crazy driving, because he had an outstanding warrant. This is the best view I could get, because after he stopped the car, he ran.


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