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Elantra in TV shows or movies.

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Whether I'm on the road or watching something on the screen, I've always got my eyes peeled for the elantra's.

This is my first spot from The Simple Life, Season 3, Episode 4, 19m01s

Hopefully other people can contribute too, and it can be even extended to all hyundai models, and perhaps it can be a source of fun and amusement to collect these pictures.


I know there has got to be other eagle-eye's out there...


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Wish I had pictures, I'll try and find one lol... In the movie "Take the lead", There is a silver XD with what seems to look like tinted tails parked in the street... It's clear as day and it shows it for like 3 seconds... Almost forgot to post it lol..
Thanks for posting knottravesty. :)
Here's a good frame of "A Bittersweet Life" showing off the XD. ;)
Awesome movie by the way. :thumbsup:

EDIT: Found by knottravesty "Anyways just got done watching the movie "Crash" ... Very good movie..Well anyways... theres a silver XD2, 85 minutes into it going down the street. thats all lol.... GO WATCH IT ..."
Extremely well spotted mate. I didn't pick that up in two viewings.


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I don't think this has been mentioned yet.

Desperate Housewives Season 1 Episode 5:

Around 14:30 a silver XD sedan drives down the street.

Near the end some guy tries to pick up Susan who he think is a prostitute in a silver XD sedan.

(Yes, I watched 5 episodes of Desperate Housewives tonight)

xd in a movie

so i went with my gf to the movies today to see jumper and we were a few mins late. as we came thru the door a picture was fading out and what was it? an elantra i yelled out hey thats my car! ive never seen it in any movie lmao movie is the happening

just thought it was post worthy:p
Re: xd in a movie

im sure ive seen elantras is many movies... but i just never really care to remember... lol

but, good catch

u didnt care to mention it was a SILVER XD! wonder if it was 5spd... i shud track it down for parts! lol

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There was an Elantra on part of the news tonight called 7 On Your Side. Well, tonight they were talking to people about why they drive with suspended licenses and one person was in an XD. I only saw the preview for it, and not the actual segment so I couldn't see if it was someone from EXD, that would have been funny.

in The Shaggy Dog remake with Tim Allen, there is a clip at the end where he is braking to avoid rear ending. Well, in one clip is shows a silver Sonata fishtailing behind him, the next shows a silver XD2.
that RD... is the best looking of that entire group of cars.
thanks for the links.

keepin my eyes open.

I saw "Pineapple Express" the other night.... movie was hysterical.

theres a chase scene where they steal a cop car and it runs a blue XD2 off the road! i pointed it out to my GF and she called me gay. lol
cant believe i didnt post in here, but watch these:

Bullet for my Valentine - All These Things I Hate:

okay, im having a hard time finding a good vid of the bourne supremacy opening chase/scene. there is a hyundai xg350
I saw "Pineapple Express" the other night.... movie was hysterical.

theres a chase scene where they steal a cop car and it runs a blue XD2 off the road! i pointed it out to my GF and she called me gay. lol
Just saw it today, when he almost hits the xd2 me and my wife both said, hey thats an elantra:)
I've been noticing lots and lots of Elantras in TV shows and movies now. Most are just parked though. I never felt that was worth a mention in this thread.

i duno why but i thought. Sweet, she has an elantra.. but the vid itself while odd, itsnt that funny
So, since the last post 7 years ago, I can now post here.

I was watching Sharknado 4, which I still am as I am typing this, and I saw a silver XD GT hatchback. Check out the plate.

Automotive parking light Car Land vehicle Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

The movie so far is exactly what is to be expected from a Sharknado movie, bad but entertaining. When I saw that XD my wife yelled it out before me. She said, "Look sweetie, an XD!" I couldn't believe it. I was so proud of her. So, she already knew to pause it so I could take a picture and post it.

This is how I feel about my wife Dianna, just take out Lafawnduh (lol) and put in Dianna.
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That's nice. Sadly I can't found the car on the film ''A Bittersweet Life" .

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