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Elantra XD. OBD2 Compliant?

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How can I determine my 2001 Elantra XD is OBD2 Compliant? My car is not in the US market where the OBD2 Compliant sticker is mandatory, however many times it has been tested with conventional OBD2 scanners.

My problem is I recently adquired an OBD2 interface (Kiwi PLX) to use it along with the popular Android App named Torque. Combined, both have worked fine with several vehicles but not with my Elantra. In other forums people suggested this may be an OBD2 incompatibility issue. I just don't know :confused:

As long as I believe at the end this is an ECU (not vehicle) related issue, here is mine:
MFR: SIEMENS, 5WY1418E, SIMK41, INDEX 03, K 09 03 01/07
Also the DLC in my car has the following pins populated: 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 14, 16. I remark this info because this config doesn’t match any standard OBD2 pinout. However some other vehicles I tested with Kiwi also had non-standard pinouts and worked fine.

I'd really appreciate any idea! Thanks!
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