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Electric window doesn't go down

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So i ran into a problem today.
My driver side electric window, goes down about 2/3 inches and then it stops.
When it goes down it's very slow.
Up is no problem, seems to go normally.

Did place some new speakers, but it worked fine after i put those in, so i doubt that's the issue. Otherwise it would've hit it right away.

Any clues? Replace the motor or complete?
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What happens if you try to help the window go down by pushing on it?
Havn't tried, i'm gonna get the doorpanel of today after work, to see if something is stuck.

Don't wanna break anything by pushing on it...
I'm not saying force it, just help it. If the motor is just weak, then pushing it down will help. If something is binding, pushing it will not help.
Hmnn, i"m gonna try it, thanks
Yes, it works again. bit of oil on the mechanism and works like a charm again :bowdown:
BoNez, I'm having the same problem with my 02 Elantra. Can you point me to a website for directions on how to get the door panel off and where to spray some lubricant (I'm assuming some WD40 should do the trick). Thanks!
psychojet, here are some instructions on how to take off the door panel. It's very straightforward.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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