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EXD Fantasy Football 2010

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It's that time again folks, as usual will keep the same pw. Anybody can join, and as usual, everyone needs to make your team name your name from exd.

League name: EXD Season 2010
League ID#: 283966
Password: exdsucks

All of last years managers have been sent an email.

Here's our custom URL if anyone is interested in seeing the history.

Unique League Name: exdseason2k8
Your league URL
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I've been thinking about this lately. I was waiting for you to post it.

I'm in, of course.

THe League ID is 283966.

Cool, all we ask is that you don't give up half way in.

We really need 10 people this year.

Done and done.

Did the draft happen today? It doesn't look like it... we should postpone it a couple of days and see if we can get another few people.

Does anyone have some non-EXD friends that might want to get in on it? I'll ask a guy at work tomorrow.

Seriously there are no other football fans here? I'll send the winner a cool prize.

I just posted this on my cricket forum that I visit to see if anyone wants to get in, there's a few Americans, so we'll see.

I got a guy from work to sign up.

PS- The draft happened.

I got Manning and Moss like I wanted so I'm happy.

I suck. It looks like my friend from work didn't get his team set this week though so I might win. I'll have to talk to him about it.

This Randy Moss trade should help me immensely.

More TDs for Welker and Moss hopefully.

This NFL season is a strange one, it's so wide open. You can never be sure who's going to win. Good stuff.

Well, Moss is a *******, that should have been a clue to drop him quick and pick someone else up.

No problem, I'm supersuck this year.

It's bad when Mercedes Lewis is my top scorer (though he had quite a week for me). When Boldin and Hightower, whose teams both scored over 30, couldn't even get a point each... there's no chance.

Yeah, wow, I almost caught up.

Ok, this week I turn it around. Watch out kids!

Seriously. My team is bad.

This where I start my comeback forreal.

I had to get a new DEF and K for this week. Hopefully they come through for me. I have no Monday night players so I'll know tonight how crappy I do, that's a relief.

Haha yeah, I know.

My team is getting killed today.

How is Darren McFadden going to get 43 damn fantasy points? Unbelievable.

Here we go. Manning to win it this week for me. Or I'll just cry forever.

1 - 20 of 114 Posts
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