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EXD Fantasy Football 2010

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It's that time again folks, as usual will keep the same pw. Anybody can join, and as usual, everyone needs to make your team name your name from exd.

League name: EXD Season 2010
League ID#: 283966
Password: exdsucks

All of last years managers have been sent an email.

Here's our custom URL if anyone is interested in seeing the history.

Unique League Name: exdseason2k8
Your league URL
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SO in. With bells and ****. I was just whining in the 2009 thread about wanting this to start.
Agreed. I'd like to win this year, too. Make it happen. The March Madness win was just the beginning!
And Twitter?
Draft day! Who else is up right now?
Yeah, I hope we can get someone soon, or 3 ppl.
I work at Office Depot. All my coworkers are nerds.
Aintnonerd got Chris Johnson. I am pissed. On the plus side I got both Brees and Eli.
Yeah you did lose. LT had a career game.
Ochocinco has been a bust. So has Santana Moss. Also, some asshat stole my Chris Johnson... just sayin'.
Well, Santana was okay this week, can't drop him yet. Looks like (barring Randy Moss having a career game) I'm sealed for the win this week. Sorry, Supah.
Here's hoping Eli can finally be the powerhouse he SHOULD be against Detroit. That win was much closer than I liked, Super.
Super, looks like you turned it around... 360 degrees!

I may have lost Addai for a while... looks like I'm in on the trade train too.
So is mine James. Looks like I will have 3 straight losses.
You lost by less than a point. Boo hoo. I guess a loss is a loss though.

3 straight wins for me, but my streak ends next week. Aintnonerd is nigh-unbeatable now. My only hope was Johnson twisting an ankle lol (not that I'd wish ill on my Titans).
I'm gonna be so torn watching the Titans game this week. Goddamn you!

I'm hoping that your tougher opponents run you down like Romo out of the pocket. I need a win or else it's gonna be your season to lose. I need big REC numbers, and my best assets to be on their A game.

Super, you're not even gonna make the post-season this year. your team blows, son.

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Looks like my predictions came through. Whoever has a Raider is making out like a bandit today. Damn.

Thank God CJ had a terrible game.
That was an incredible game for the Raiders. +30 points in the 1st quarter. COMPLETE blowout.

All of my players got 10+ points. My best week ever!
Well I'm boned. Winning streak will officially be over tonight.
2 in a row! Losses, that is. I'm so boned.
I'm taking some big gambles this week... gotta turn it around.
I hear that. Looks like I benched my 20 point receiver.... d'oh!
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