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EXD Fantasy Football 2010

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It's that time again folks, as usual will keep the same pw. Anybody can join, and as usual, everyone needs to make your team name your name from exd.

League name: EXD Season 2010
League ID#: 283966
Password: exdsucks

All of last years managers have been sent an email.

Here's our custom URL if anyone is interested in seeing the history.

Unique League Name: exdseason2k8
Your league URL
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I'm up by 50, 123 to 73, and I got Roddy White left, and he's got Maclin and McCoy from Philly. I think it's gonna be a close one honestly, I'm sure both his guys will get at least 20+ points each.

Tune in on Tuesday night folks....
Should be a good one (that should have happened last night).

Wow, The vikings shut them down some how.

I won! Yeah for me!!!
Congrats on the win. Guess it didn't turn out to be so close.
Good, clean fun year!...Can't wait for next year! Woo Hoo!

I won! Yeah for me!!!
Again? Damn you! Hah.

Let's hope for 10 people next year. Maybe we should use the next 7 months to recruit some real football fans to EXD.

I think that's a good idea
Agreed. We need a healthy pool next year. Man did I get screwed this year though. I need Chris Johnson back.
I sent djarsonist a PM about starting the 2011 thread soon so that we can try to get enough (12 ideally) people.

I'm definitely in! Can't wait, life without football is like life without the chatbox.
I was actually coming to EXD today to post about this... just like last year. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!
Haha. I'm hoping some of our new UD/MD owners will want to get in on it this year.

Arsonist, what's up dude? Set it up!

Tomorrow, definately tomorrow. Got slammed the past week at work. Off tomorrow.
101 - 114 of 114 Posts
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