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I just hacked off the Cat from my stock manifold from a G4GC and quickly realised how big the size of the outlet is in comparison to a standard WRX TD04L flange size, my question is basically: does it matter? I know it's going to create a restriction but will it be noticeable or potentially crack the manifold due to the small restriction stepping down from what looks like 57mm ID to about 47mm ID. And if so what other solutions come to mind? I can't weld anything extra to step it down as I'm already interfering with the Alternator, my next thought was how well would a 180 degree U shaped pipe work in this scenario? So in that case the turbo would be mounted upright and that way i can step down the pipe size.

Orrrrrr i could just forget the TD04 and just buy a set of OBX headers and find a T3/T4 flanged turbo instead

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