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faraco3's XDElantraXD COTM March 2004, July 2008 :D

Engine Mods:
Throttle Body Coolant Bypass
Silverstone Plugs
Nology Wires
Pure silver ground wire kit
60 series Flowmaster

Transmission Mods:
B&M Short Shifter
Red Line MT-90 Fluid
Removed Clutch Value Spring
Razo 400 gram shift knob (from old Skyline)

Suspension Mods:
Mussa front strut bar
ARK rear strut bar
Custom center bar
03 Tib GT 19.2mm Rear sway bar
Eibach Pro-Kit springs
KYB AGX front struts
KYB Tiburon rear struts
Energy Suspension front and rear poly bushings

Interior mods:
JVC MP3 player
XM radio add-on
Tinted windows 54% front and 14% rear
Tib aluminum pedals and dead rest
Aluminum gauge bezel
White face gauges

Exterior Mods:
17 x 7 BSA wheels and 215/45R17 tires
Custom Fog Lights
Custom grill with EXD badge
Rear EXD badge
Custom painted headlights
Clear sidemarker lights
6500k HID lights
Custom front lip kit w/EXD sticker (pic comming soon)
Silver ARK shorty antenna

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damn those are some sexy for the money for them...hmmm....turbo or rims...turbo or rims... many all seriousness, those rims will be the first things to happen to my car once my turbo kit is done.

In da game for a while...
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Nice car but why did you get that CAI??? All you are getting is hot air which beats the point of the COLD AIR part.... I remember the first time anyone used an Accord CAI they routed it in that fashion which gave me the idea to route it behind the battery. I just don't see the point in it routed that way, but as I said B4, nice car...

The Euro Guy
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holy thread revival man!!!
And the lip + sticker looks nice!
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