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turbo envy
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ok all of those who are in the my neck of the woods or anybody else that would like to join in here is where we will all meet.

if your coming from the south (up 95) and would like to meet me closer on the highway and we roll to the caravan section has a group thats fine with me.

here is where we will be meeting with the tibs.

Those of you on the east coast, please start thinking about your route. I would assume south-easters will take the turnpike, and north-easters will take I-4. For those of us in the middle, most of us would take 528. As such, I propose a caravan starting near 528! (Of course, anyone interested in lengthening your drive to join us is certainly welcome!)

I've got just the spot to meet, as it's only 2 miles away from 528 and is on the way for those coming from 95N, and just one exit out of the way for those coming from 95S.

I-95 Exit 208 - Port St. John

Where to go when you get off 95

Both exit ramps have arrows showing which way is towards PSJ West or East. Go towards west. The exits dump you off on Port St. John Pkwy.

At the end of PSJ Pkwy is a stop sign, at which you can only turn right or U-turn. This is Golfview. Make a right. (If you can turn right or left, then you're at Grissom and you went the wrong way. Hang a U and go to the other end.)

At your next stop sign (Fay Blvd), make a left into Fay Lake Wilderness Park.

It's a ridiculously small park, with a ~30 space parking lot. I'm not sure how busy the park gets on weekends ... if the lot is crowded when I get there, then I might pull up on a short street on the left before the lot. As you know, my Tib is hard to miss, so just look for me.

Arrival time: TBD
Departure time: TBD

Also, we're going to have to battle with tolls on 528. The cash booths have been ridiculously backed up on all my recent trips. I'm sick of it and am getting a SunPass. This is highly recommended for everyone -- because if there's one thing that can kill a caravan, it's a toll booth.

Please post here if you'll be joining our caravan, and whether or not you have / will have SunPass.

Central east coast caravan:
-- Stimpy2301 (Andy) (SP=yes)
-- 03GTTib (Arek) (SP=no)
-- treyclash (Trey) (SP=maybe!)
-- peake07SE (???) (SP=no)
-- only1db (Derek) + XDers... (SP=no)

turbo envy
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ok we are meeting up at 10 am at the spot mentioned above.
then we are meeting up with guys from UCF...going across 408 then down 4

let me know!!! your new number...the one i have is no longer avail.
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