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Filling up gas tank problems (charcoal canister)

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I have a 2003 hyundai elantra gls and every time a try to fill up tank it triggers the nozzle at the pump and it would take from 5 to 10 minutes to fill up tank. Any ideas please???????
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Re: Filling up gas tank

CHARCOAL CANISTE EXPLODED!!! PLEASE SEARCH!!! sorry but this is literally the 4th time i have answered this in the past couple of weeks.
Re: Filling up gas tank

Dude, at least give him a link then.

Re: Filling up gas tank

sorry.....i'll do one better...

here are the diagrams! and a pic of where the canister is located. 2 12mm nuts hold the plastic cover on. there are a couple of hoses that you will need to clean out and probably have to replace the canister close valve. sorry so hasty...

for whatever reason...failbucket is flipping it at the site but the linked pic is not flipped...sorry.
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Re: Filling up gas tank


I've added some tags for this post as well.

cool...after friday. i'm thinking im going to be doing a either a picture gallery or all relevant componets or a short vid clip....

of the whole car...not just the evap system.
I had same issue before, all i did was remove the canister and shock it up a bit and then reinstalled it. has not given me any issues since then.
not saying this will fix you gas fill up issues but it worked for me.
Thank you for your help

Thank you for your help
Re: Filling up gas tank

Thanks for your posts. I had this problem and while surfing the web, I reached this webpage. It was very helpful in understanding and fixing the problem. I had charcoal pellets clogging that 1/2 inch hose coming out from the charcoal canister. I removed the canister and emptied the pellets until they stopped coming out. Now I can fill the tank without problems but now I have another concern. I live in CA and I need to get the smog check done. Will it fail the smog check now? :( I was looking and it seems canister is quite expensive part! Any suggestions?

Thanks. It worked for me as I removed the loose charcoal pellets but now I am worried about failing smog test. Did you take the smog test on your car after you shook out the pellets?
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