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Here's what I got for the Hyungey so far.
02 Elantra. Bought at roughly 112k miles. Currently has 143k. Couple months after owning it I knew I had to take it offroading instead of lowering it.
~4in total suspension lift all around
--3in coil spacers (autozone)
--30mm(1in) top mount spacers (ebay)
~18mm/19mm tiburon rear sway bar
~205/65/15 tires for now
--Next tire upgrade: Lionhart Lionclaw ATX2 215/75R15 100T All Terrain Tires
~On it's second transmission and 3rd clutch due to the infamous 1in from fully released clutch engagement. *Yes I can drive stick*
--Tiburon trans is next with good clutch upgrade and the slave cylinder "mod".
~Front strut bar.
--looking at getting rear strut bar.

Only got stuck once where I had to get pulled out of the mud by my buddy's Jeep. The same person I pulled his B15 style Sentra when he ate water, about a half mile- mile with my Elantra.
Almost 4 years of abuse with this thing so far and I'm hoping to get many more once I settle out the infamous clutch problem.

I'll try to keep this forum alive. I've never really done one before so just bear with me and my possible stupid questions that have been answered countless times.


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