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Finaly died :(

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Well I was listening to so music in my car today and I heard a real loud pop and a humming. Well I got home and checked all the speakers and the front 6.5 infinity is toast. The tweeter still works and when I put the passanger side speaker on it worked fine so I just blew the speaker the crossover and everything is fine. I was told that it can't be covered under Infinitys warrenty because thats customer abuse because I was only running them at 45watts rms and not the 90rms they need :rolleyes:.

If anyone knows a good cheap spot to pick up PPI 6 1/2 components Please pass the info along. I'm looking for last years carbon fiber kind. I will get the pics up asap the batterys died right after I took the pics because I forgot to turn the camera off.
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