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flabby steering?

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Hi all. I find the steering on the 2002 Elantra GT is surprisingly soft for a small car, let alone a "sporty" car. Other small cars I've driven (Sentra, Protege) have a much tighter steering feel, more responsive, and fewer turns lock-to-lock. The steering on the Elantra actually reminds me somewhat of my dad's old 1970 Cutlass Supreme, except that the Elantra steering stays on-center much better.

Is there any easy way (i.e., reprogramming) to adjust the steering to get a crisper feel? Or does that require an overhaul of the entire steering mechanism?


-- Dave
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It's the Michelins, they are the worst tires I've ever owned. While the suspension is quite soft on Elantras, most of the front end wiggle is found in the sidewall of these terrible tires. Upgrading the tires would help, moving up to larger diameter wheels and lower profile tires would really help.
It'll help, but I have the Evo Fusion front strut brace and while it does stiffen up the handling a bit, the car still handles like a Lincoln. Of course I'm comparing it to my Accent GSi that was running Falken Azenis Sports, so the handling of the Elantra seems really way too soft! The best upgrade to increase the handling and the turning feel is the Tib rear sway bar, of course I haven't done that myself yet, I probably should.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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