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flabby steering?

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Hi all. I find the steering on the 2002 Elantra GT is surprisingly soft for a small car, let alone a "sporty" car. Other small cars I've driven (Sentra, Protege) have a much tighter steering feel, more responsive, and fewer turns lock-to-lock. The steering on the Elantra actually reminds me somewhat of my dad's old 1970 Cutlass Supreme, except that the Elantra steering stays on-center much better.

Is there any easy way (i.e., reprogramming) to adjust the steering to get a crisper feel? Or does that require an overhaul of the entire steering mechanism?


-- Dave
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I've found the steering in my 2004 to be a little soft also. Taking some turns at a moderate speed seems to make the front end feel like it is floating and not giving a smooth feeling. If that makes sense. Do you think the strut tower bar would make a difference? My car has not been modded in any way it is still stock. Thanks
Thanks for the replies. Theyn all help. I was starting ti think I was just being anal about it. But it might also be my last 3 cars were an Accord, Integra and an older RX-7.
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