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This is a meet that "Xtreme Events: Cars of Florida" is hosting. So for all you FL Elantras out there come out and say hi. I am definitely going.

Ok guys it is official, the All Florida Meet in Orlando!! Come and join us!

DJ Phatboi Frank will be spinning the tunes!!

Southport Community Park
3437 Barnstable Place, Orlando, Fl 32827

Fun Spot After Meet
5551 Del Verde Way
Orlando, FL 32819

6th All Florida Meet (A Biannual Event)

Saturday November 19, 2011

10:00am - 3:00pm - Park
4:00pm - 6:00pm - Fun Spot

Where we Meet:
We are going to meet at the Southport Community Park. Bring some chips, sandwiches, drinks (non alcoholic), sport balls, table games to have a good time and share. Then we will be heading to the Fun Spot for a really good Go-Kart time! Please let us know who is coming and if you will also be coming out to Fun Spot afterwards.

More Information
For only $5.00 per person, you can partake in the XECOFL provided BBQ. We will be cooking up burgers and hotdogs; water will be provided as well. Pre-registration is required for the BBQ. You may also pre-register any guests at the same time; to do so go to

After we wrap up at the park, we will also be heading out to the Fun Spot.

Fun Spot info:

$25.00 Per person

Ticket price includes:
UNLIMITED on ALL Go-Karts tracks, Thrill rides, Family rides, & Kid Spot rides! + UNLIMITED FreePlay Arcade on 60+ games upstairs! (Arcade Games only before 5 pm)

If you will be attending Fun Spot with us, the $25 per person will be collected prior to entry. We must arrive together.

Caravan Groups that you can join:

Miami or SFL Area

Tampa Area:

Who's Coming:
- MannyZ*
- ÖS¡R¡S*
- HitokiriShagg
- Gneu*
- NisMoJoe +1
- Footloose301 +1
- SjC
- ffwturboZ
- thisisluiss
- NavysailorMS3* +1
- jays-slospd3
- MazdaMovement
- Les_joey_paul* +1
- bcrego09
- ya boy willz*
- N0_0ne21*
- white3gts
- RÂ¥£N
- LivingItUp05
- Tasogare
- smsdragon24
- froubaby
- NPrice
- Kalapanaspyder
- Richiem22
- jasondhimself
- Mitsubishi Sniper
- Dergoma
- Kazyx
- Nprice
- artemka
- MIA4g
- YukiNis00*
- vince200t
- wnunez89
- HeatGirl0426
- finald8ta
- Tibby4me
- DiabloTibby +1
- Jalexis4192
- Aintnonerd +2
- importkiller
- EI Racing
- Rita

Members marked (*) are members of the xecofl forum. Xecofl is the forum who has made this meet possible with organization and dedication. For those interested in attending future All Florida Meets & Events, sign up for the board here: Xecofl Registration

turbo envy
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i was there last year.... pretty cool.

although i might not be in the state...but if i am...i'll try to make it out...I know some of the Veloster guys are wanting to meet up.

is 04gt going to be coming up with you??

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im seein if jason wants to ride with me but not sure if he will be working, otherwise id really like to go

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i may not have a job when this meet comes around, i think its a very good possibility for me and jason to come to it

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huh? a surprise dont tell me its gona be a new car do you have to register ?

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i still gota see if jason wants to ride up with me or not gota see how funds are :-(

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ya ya i know :-( its just kinda far and since i drive 30 miles to and from this temp job and payin tolls it stinks sucks you cant come over to this coast next weekend

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Hope to see you guys there. Whoever gets there first should try and hold some spots for the others.
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