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Hello every one, I have a 2001 Elantra hatch back for about 3 to 4 years now and I encounter a couple problems that I should ask before taking any action. hope you guys can help.
FYI the car is pretty much stock except for a short ram that the previous owner installed and it was 136,540 miles and is a automatic.

I have notice a decrease on the stopping power of my XD for like 2 month now, not sure what is but some times it feels like the booster but I can depress the brakes fully for 2 or 3 times when the motor is off. I changed the pads like 6 month and the rear pads are out already and there's a lot of brake pad dust on the rear wheels. If a brake slowly or like a medium force that car actually takes longer to brake but if I really hit the brakes (because and idiot is driving in front of me) the wheels most of the time locks down. it does not have ABS. I was thinking of changing the 4 wheel rotors get some ceramic pads and rotors on ebay like this one and changing the fluid will be the way to go.

Are does rotors and pad any good? what brake fluid would you recommend?
FYI I don't really race but when I'm late to college or work... well lest just say I have to brake the law a little bit.

people have told me that my XD is actually pretty slow compere to other XD just like mines, I was actually beat up by my cousin's 2005 toyota echo manual and stock, I'm not a racer but I was actually testing the capabilities of my XD haha and he beat me for like 3 to 4 cars before I hit 3rd. Also in mountains it sounds and feels like she really is trying but the torque is not enough. I live in Puerto Rico and where I live we that have a really high angle mountain where you need a jeep to climb but damn it every time I hit a moderate one I'm always the one holding the traffic. I already seafoam and it gives me about 19 to 21 MPG in average driving the best I can to save fuel. I really don't know if there is enough information but what should I do with my engine?

sometimes when I'm in idle waiting for the traffic light or just in a intersection is a slowly press the gas pedal and the XD doesn't even rev up is like I'm not even touching the pedal so I have to release it and kind of press it in a more aggressive manner so it starts moving. I took it to my mechanic he drove it for a while and nothing. it was like some sick joke from my XD. what would that be or what should I do?

I can lower all my windows from my driver door controls switch but to rise them I need to go to the door switch of every one of them to rise them, I study electronics and I unmounted the driver door controls panel and activated every single switch and check for continuity on my multimeter and the all appear to me closing the circuit. the windows motors are working and so the driver door controls although some times the rear left window works perfectly well from the driver door controls and other times it just doesn't care if I'm pulling the bottom or not. Not really sure what to do here.

I would appreciate any help guys. this is my first post and well I'm not really sure how this works but I decided to keep everything to one post to keep it simple. I'm sorry if I'm not clear enough with my problems or questions about my XD. hope you can help me the best you can.

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