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FS: 2001-2003 GLS Sedan Front Grill $28 + Shipping

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Used grill. Some of the black is chipped away showing the chrome underneath.

$28 + shipping.

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Nobody wants an OEM grill for this cheap? Really?

PICS PLEASE!!! very interested, mine is all chrome and looks like ****.
hmm. id buy it, but thats kind of alot for a grill id tear apart. if u sell it for cheaper, id buy it right now. 20 + shipping i cud do.

or i cud buy it from u in MD to save on shipping, if noone else buys it before hand.
james, PM sent.
Pete, I am going to get a shipping quote for BIGROB and if it's good then the grill goes to him.

If he decides he doesn't want it I'll bring it to the MD meet and if you want it for the $28 then it's yours.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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