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I have a stock gauge cluster and cluster wiring harness out of a 1999 Elantra GL. I believe it fits from 1997-2000. Speedo, Fuel and Temp gauges. (no tach) I believe mileage is around 60K, everything worked when removed from the car. Clear plastic face is slightly scratched, but could be easily polished, or use your existing one. Perfect for someone looking to convert to white gauge faces without risk of damaging your original unit.

Also, a stock AM/FM/Cassette from the same vehicle. (1999 Elantra GL) No wiring harness or plugs, but should fit from 1997-2000 Elantras, and possibly other Hyundais.

I'm not a regular on this board, so my prices may be out of line... let me know if they are, and I'm sure we can work something out. I just need the bench space back in the garage.

Washington State
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