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FS: Headrests, rear speaker covers, console tray, sidemarkers and LOTS MORE

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I have 4 2002 (01-03) beige/tan interior headrests, a 2002 (01-03) biege/tan interior center console (you know, the storage center, cup holder spot, front tray deal), and a 2002 (01-03) beige/tan interior cupholder insert. XD2 beige/tan is slightly different.

I guess these items would be good for people looking to custom reupholster theirs and want to have the extra pieces.

UPDATE - Rear speaker covers now available. $10 + shipping. STILL FOR SALE

OEM sidemarkers - $7 + shipping. STILL FOR SALE

Headrests - $20 (for all four) + shipping (could be a lot because they are bulky). STILL FOR SALE

Switch blanks - $5 + shipping. STILL FOR SALE

Front center console tray - $10 + shipping. STILL FOR SALE

kSpec sticker - $2 + shipping. STILL FOR SALE

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Re: FS: Headrests, Center Console, etc

any chance of pictures???
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